Sunrise Service at the home of
Harvey & Donna Smith at sunrise
5:30am led by Rev. Ed Hilbert
… breakfast items to follow

Worship at the Church at 10:00am
led by Rev. Len Rowell


Lenten Prayers for Hungry People

1st week March 5-10
“Jesus tempted in the wilderness:
Matthew 4 1-11

2nd Week March 12-8
“JESUE invited Nicodermus to be born anew”
John 3 -17

3rd Week March 19-25
“JESUE offers living water at the well”
John 4 5-12

4th Week March 26 – April 1
“JESUS heals a man born blind”
John 9 1-41
5th Week April 2-8
“JESUS calls Lazarus back to life”
John 11 1-45